Tenth Part

The Milsteins have been staunch supporters of Jewish and Catholic communal organizations that serve a non-sectarian client population in matters of health, poverty, and a full range of social needs. They have also been supporters of Jewish-Muslim dialogue to address key issues of the day. Today, there are many societal issues being raised in new ways because of changing immigration patterns and identity politics.

The notion of the “Tenth Part” derives from the tenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, Yud.  Yud is considered a holy letter because it comprises part of the name of God.  The “Tenth Part” is the command to give a tenth part of everything for God’s use and forms the basis of tithing, a practice that is held in common across several religions. (Tzedakkah in Judaism; charity in Christianity; zakat in Islam.)

Through their support of communal organizations and promotion of interreligious reconciliation, the Milsteins follow the spirit of the “Tenth Part” in all their philanthropy.

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