Addressing Health and the Environment

Center for Biodiversity and Conservation at AMNH

Building on a long-standing commitment to science and health research and a multigenerational involvement with the American Museum of Natural History, the Milstein family sponsored the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation’s 2009 Milstein Science Symposium. The symposium, “Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Health and the Environment, brought together scientists, environmentalists, and medical researchers to address the multiple relationships of human health and the environment, such as the impact of climate change, ecosystem degradation, land use changes, and pollution on people, plants, and animals.

“The health of all species on Earth is largely determined by the complex linkages and interactions among organisms and the systems in which they live. Health and the environment are deeply intertwined for populations, species, and ecosystems, as well as for human lives and livelihoods. Human endeavors in agriculture, energy and food production, transportation, and infrastructure development can have a far-reaching and significant impact on the health of humans and the environment. Understanding these relationships is increasingly critical in the context of our changing world and the accelerating loss of biodiversity.”

— Center for Biodiversity and Conservation

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