Howard and Abby Milstein Underwrite “Objects and Memory,” a PBS documentary in commemoration of the anniversary of 9/11

September 9th, 2021

PBS Documentary Explores How Ordinary Objects Acquire Extraordinary Meaning – OBJECTS AND MEMORY To Air In September On PBS (check local listings)

Frank Langella Narrates, Music by Philip Glass

“OBJECTS AND MEMORY remains one of the most poignant memories of anything I have ever done. It is a very timely piece still and will always be a current reminder in our present terrifying culture. I wish you all the best with what will remain one of the most noble projects I have been associated with in my career. Thank you for it.” – Frank Langella




Press Release:–objects-and-memory-to-air-in-september-on-pbs-check-local-listings-301368982.html

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