Howard Milstein presents John Zuccotti Lifetime Achievement Award to Joe Biden at Regional Plan Association's Annual Assembly

April 24th, 2017

John Zuccotti was remembered as a “central figure in the revitalization of New York” as well as a “close personal friend, advisor, confidante, mentor and partner” when Howard Milstein presented the John Zuccotti Lifetime Achievement Award to former Vice President Joe Biden at the Regional Plan Association’s Annual Assembly. In tribute to John Zuccotti, Howard said, “John built his life and career on the strength of several unique qualities: a vast network of relationships, the penetrating insights of his intellect, the power of his personality, the generosity and kindness of his manner, and above all, his rock-solid integrity.” Howard described Vice President Biden as a global leader and champion of investing and modernizing our infrastructure: “His unwavering support for the Gateway Project, the rebuilding of LaGuardia Airport and the development of a high speed rail network in the Northeast Corridor are just a few examples.” In his remarks, Biden said the U.S. infrastructure is a “national disgrace,” as is New York State’s. “Unless we build new tunnels and repair the old ones, we’re courting disaster.”

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