Howard Milstein Receives Humanitarian Award from Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers

May 18th, 2012

The Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers presented its Humanitarian Award to Howard Milstein at the organization’s annual spring gala. The gala was held at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.

In introducing Howard Milstein and presenting the award, Terence S. Meehan, Chairman of Azimuth Investment Management, LLC, and friend of Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers, spoke of the history of Emigrant Savings Bank, of which Mr. Milstein is Chairman, President, and CEO: “I really do take a great deal of joy in introducing Howard Milstein. The Emigrant Bank was formed by the Irish Emigrant Society in 1850; it then became the main financier for St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the actual documents for that were signed in its office. The Emigrant continues to be the premier financier of most of the Catholic churches in New York City. Recently, Emigrant Bank was the sponsor for ‘Catholics In New York, 1808-1946’ at the Museum of the City of New York. And Howard acts as an advisor to the Archbishop and Cardinals.

“Howard is generous, I think, just by the marrow in his bones, as is his family,” Mr. Meehan continued, “but I think that this evening is about friendship. For the last 25 years, Howard and 10 other men have come together about nine times a year to have dinner and act as a sounding board, and as a group of friends. If this evening is about friendship, I’m extremely pleased to be able to have the opportunity for us to honor Howard Milstein, a wonderful, true friend.”

In accepting the Humanitarian Award, Howard Milstein said, “What a wonderful organization. . . just the idea of one person caring can make a huge difference in the life of a young person. And every person who you help goes on to be a wonderful addition to the world. As I think about what you do, we salute all the good works of Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers.

“This evening as I receive this award, I’m reminded of what Ray O’Brien had to say upon receiving an award from the Catholic Youth Organization, which we’ve also supported for many years. He said, ‘It’s always a guy like me who’s getting an award like this when, in truth, the people who deserve this award do the work every day.’ So on behalf of all those people who do the work every day, making a difference in our great city, I’m happy to accept the award in their name.”

The Catholic Big Sisters and Big Brothers (CBSBB) is a nonprofit, nonsectarian community-based organization serving New York City, dedicated to helping youth and their families. It supports the special needs of girls, boys and their families by providing comprehensive mentoring, counseling and skill-based programming free of charge.

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